Gibson on Hamachi

18 Dec ’05

In the latest Security Now! podcast Steve Gibson gives an almost ecstatic review of Hamachi, the zero-config p2p VPN NAT traversal app. I’ve been looking at it for a while but Steve’s podcast in particular has me sold. The podcast is the 4th instalment in Steve’s series on VPNs. Gist:

Hamachi Rocks!!

This week Leo and I discuss and describe the brand new, ready to emerge from a its long development beta phase, ultra-secure, lightweight, high-performance, highly-polished, multi-platform, peer-to-peer and FREE! personal virtual private networking system known as “Hamachi”. After two solid weeks of testing and intense dialog with Hamachi’s lead developer and designer, I have fully vetted the system’s security architecture and have it running on many of my systems. While I am travelling to Toronto this week, Hamachi is keeping my roaming laptop securely and directly connected to all of my machines back home. Don’t miss this one!

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