The Customer Support NDA

18 Dec ’05

I see non-disclosure agreements of all kind and description all the time. But here’s one I’ve never seen – it’s mentioned in Ellen Roseman’s column in the Star yesterday, which is about customer service. Writing about a woman who purchased a faulty Toshiba laptop, only to have it replaced by another faulty machine, Ellen notes:

Horne had many conversations with a Toshiba representative who was “considerate and service-oriented.” While she had to sign a confidentiality agreement, she said her request was granted.

She had asked for a new computer (not an A-70) with full warranty. Failing that, she wanted two years’ extra warranty on the A-70 and compensation for her son’s time taking it in for repairs.

I’m intrigued by the idea that a manufacturer would even consider requiring a customer to sign a confidentiality agreement before replacing defective consumer goods.

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