More Details on Lloyd’s Open Source Insurance

1 Nov ’05

More details are available now on the Lloyd’s open source insurance program announced back in August:

Insurance underwriter Kiln, which is a Lloyd’s of London division, and Miller Insurance Services on Monday said they will offer open-source compliance insurance. New York-based Open Source Risk Management will be the exclusive risk assessor.

The insurance will cover up to $10 million in damages, including profit losses related to noncompliance with an open-source software license. The policy could, in some cases, cover the cost of repairing code that was found to infringe on open-source licenses such as the General Public License, which is used with the Linux operating system.

The insurers said more than 30 legal claims in the last two years have involved infringements on open-source licenses. In each case, the plaintiffs were able to restrict the use of their code.

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