Is the Need for Venture Capital Changing?

2 Nov ’05

As Web 2.0, or whatever we’re calling it this month, continues to develop, more and more is being written on how much less funding is now required to build many technology businesses, and inevitably, many (including the WSJ – paid sub. warning) are asking whether the role of VC funding is changing.

Two recent posts have stood out for me on this topic. Paul Kedrosky recently posted a presentation that looked at the question (message: while “some of this is just wishful “God is dead” thinking on the part of some VC-loathing entrepreneurs, there is an element of truth to the idea”), and Scott Maxwell, a VC whose focus is investing in and building companies starting at the expansion stage recently wrote an interesting post about the topic as well (message: no, “for companies that want to build meaningful businesses over time”).

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