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25 Feb ’11

One of my favourite moments at the first mesh conference was sitting with a group of people chatting about blogging. This was 2006, so while blogging was becoming very sophisticated, much of it was still shiny and new. Jason Fried was sitting at the table, as was Paul Kedrosky and my mesh colleague Mathew Ingram. And tucked in a corner of the table, quietly working away on his laptop and hidden behind it, was Matt Mullenweg – on his way, but still just getting started, on his mission to change media.

Just as the conversation turned to WordPress, and what Matt was doing, we were joined by Elliot Noss, the CEO of the Toronto tech company, Tucows. Elliott jumped in and said he would love someday to meet the guy who started WordPress. Long pause, and then waves of laughter, as Matt emerged from behind his laptop, blinking, slightly embarrassed at the attention. Matt looked like a kid – he was a kid – but here he was changing the world, one blog at a time.

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