Simple Legal Forms for Open Use

18 Feb ’11

Back in what now seems eons ago I thought hard for quite a while about building a legal forms wiki – an open site that would feature legal forms for open use, that could be built upon and improved – even annotated – by the community. I originally thought of it as a universal precedent management system for solo and small firm lawyers (“the precedent system for the rest of us”), but of course its value as a resource for clients would also have been profound. Frankly, it’s always made me somewhat crazy that so much valuable information was so locked up and only available to lawyers. There are clearly better ways (Michael Carabash is trying something interesting in that vein here).

Time and the more pedestrian concerns of building a practice have a way of pushing ideas like that to the background, and so they did, but for years I’ve thought about making simple forms available on the web. I routinely hand forms out to my clients, but something broader than that always struck me as an interesting possibility.


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