Short ribs and mashed potatoes

5 Feb ’11

Cold weekend nights are for braised meat and mashed potatoes. It’s not just about the food – nothing warms a home better than the smell of onions cooking and slow braising meat. After a vacation in Argentina consisting mainly of grilled beef we’re still struggling to get used to the snow: braising makes the adjustment more livable.

Our bible on braising is Molly Stevens‘ remarkable All About Braising, and one of my favourites is her Short Ribs Braised in Porter. Ordinary mashed potatoes do not do justice to this dish – something stronger works better.

For fun, we tried a Jamie Oliver recipe for a mashed potato gratin.

You’ll need a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to do this properly, but most of the time on the short ribs can be invested a day or two before. By the way, if you have a source in Toronto for *great* short ribs, let me know in the comments.

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