Campagnolo, Little Portugal, Toronto

4 Feb ’11

We had a terrific time at Campagnolo a few days ago. They bill themselves as offering “good honest home cooked food”; that’s my lingering memory of the evening. The room hums, but feels very intimate at the same time. Altogether very warm and inviting, and the food is unexpectedly well prepared.

We sat at the Chef’s table, got our menus and spent a few moments reading. But neither of us wanted to think very much about it, so we asked if they would simply feed us. And so, they did. Some shots below and a video of the action behind the counter. They deserve more attention – if you go and like the experience, talk it up. They’re on Twitter here.

Superb service from everyone. A final note: we talked to the chef about this review. And spent some time thinking about it as we ate. And concluded quite quickly that, with all due respect to the writer, she wasn’t really paying attention.

832 Dundas Street West

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