Help us program a panel at mesh10

16 Feb ’10

We’ve just announced mesh10 (details here and tickets here) and over the next few weeks more information will appear on the site about our keynotes, panels and workshops. This year we’d like to include a panel in our Society stream that focuses on how the always-on, real-time Web is changing the way we learn, think, grow and relate to one another other – essentially, the impact it’s having on the very fabric of society.

And so we’re looking for introductions to interesting people who think about these issues, and are now reaching out to people in our community who might have great ideas about moderators and panelists for such a panel, or thoughts about aspects of this topic that ought to be discussed. Perhaps you know of a neuroscientist who’s doing interesting research on how brain pathways are remapped under intensive internet usage. Or perhaps you know of someone who’s studying the way children learn when they have the web as a research tool.

Whatever your ideas are we’re interested! We’re looking for smart, dedicated and provocative big-thinkers and interesting perspectives on this larger topic to help us make the most out of this opportunity. We do have one request though – please help us to manage the inflow of suggestions by making serious suggestions only.

You can enter your suggestions here or below. Thanks for helping out!

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