Help Us Create a Discussion at The Mark About How to Fix Venture Capital in Canada

29 Sep ’09

I’m going to be working with The Mark soon on a project to host a discussion about how to fix venture capital in Canada.  To start the process, I’m hoping to reach out to people in our community and get ideas from them on what issues should be covered in this discussion, and who in our community should be speaking out about this topic.

We’re looking for contribution from smart, opinionated people who understand the venture capital industry in Canada, and can offer insight into where it is now and what can be done to fix it.  If you’d like to participate, or know someone who should, or have ideas about what issues we should address, please let me know in the comments here or by replying to me on Twitter at @rhh.  I’ll also be looking for tweets tagged with #themarkvc.

The Mark has emerged as a superb destination for smart, thoughtful news, commentary and debate in Canada.  We’re hoping to create a lively and provocative discussion about this important topic.  Will you join us?

Please watch this blog or my twitter feed for more news as we develop this project! And please feel free to help us spread the news.

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