How to sell a bazillion Mac Minis

1 Mar ’08

Much has been written lately about using a Mac Mini as a media hub – I’m a big fan of the idea, partly because Front Row is such a lovely way to relive album art. But I’d love to extend the music elsewhere in our house, and it’s not easy to do this with the Mac. The Apple Express’ iTunes extension abilities are great, but you need a remote GUI to make it work and there isn’t one yet (though iPhone hacks are emerging). I’d love to see Apple release a touchscreen device that does nothing but connect via WiFi to iTunes and act as the controller – it would come with a recharge dock, and would be cheap, cheap, cheap – cheap enough for one in every room. And Apple could sell media packages with a Mac Mini, and couple of sets of Airport Express, controller and powered speakers. Instant music everywhere, all running off the same collection.

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