“A comfortable equilibrium”

20 Nov ’07

On celphone providers in Canada: “These companies reach a comfortable equilibrium with each other and then nothing changes because people still need the product,” he says. “If everybody’s the same, it doesn’t matter where you go.”” It’s called an oligopoly, and yes, exactly. Full article here. Thanks to Michael for the link.

And this reminds me – remember the days when high-speed providers leap-frogged each other with superior offerings – higher speeds, generally – to win our business? The last improvement I remember seeing was about 2 or 3 years ago when Rogers began offering its “Extreme” package (for which I had to buy the modem). Then – nothing. No visible improvements in offerings since then. That’s a long time for a product to be stagnant. Why is this? Has the technology run its course? Anyone know?

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