What’s a Poor Minister To Do?

6 Feb ’07

Gerard Kennedy’s pre-announcement that he will run for the nomination in the Parkdale-High Park riding is great news for those of us in the riding – I’ve always been darned impressed with the guy and his dedication to public service. A distinct improvement as well, to my mind, over his Liberal predecessor in the riding, the now slightly notorious Sarmite Bulte, who apparently planned to appear with Kennedy at his formal announcement. This presumably because she’s perceived within the party as having a chance at taking back the riding from Peggy Nash, and so in stepping aside is seen as taking one for the Party.

The question now is, for what? Does a cozy sinecure – perhaps a position near her friends in the media industry – await Ms. Bulte if the Liberals win the next one? Surely, there is a style to which these media types have grown accustomed, as Michael’s post today on (the really, rather extraordinarily unimpressive) Bev Oda and her limousine-ing ways suggests. (Could we please find just a few ministers who can resist the impulse to become fascinated with themselves, and who will responsibly manage the public purse?)

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