Yahoo! 2.0

6 Dec ’06

There’s an enormous amount of ink today on the reorg at Yahoo! All of this brouhaha strikes me as enormously tedious, but three observations do come to mind, all about the media angle.

First, there is little in any of the coverage that links the reorg to the so-called Peanut Butter Manifesto, which called for organizational change and seemed at the time like an effort to force that issue out into the open. There are references, but surprisingly few.

Second, the spinny headlines of Yahoo!’s PR and corporate blog contributions are very like – no, pretty much exactly like – flashing red lights pointing the reader to tediously official and profoundly less interesting content about the event. Why not just subtitle the content “Danger, There Be Boredom Here”? One always reads this material with a jaundiced eye, but a point comes when incredible becomes discreditable. We’re there.

Third, the bloggers really do have the best coverage. Mainstream media really has few advantages left, if any, over the ‘tropolis’ ability to report original content about tech and write it up in a smart, engaging and savvy style. Give the people what they want.

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