The HP Saga: Indictments Coming?

12 Sep ’06

The WSJ reports that California AG Bill Lockyer has stated that his investigation has already borne enough evidence to warrant issuing indictments within and outside of HP:

California Attorney General Bill Lockyer said his office’s investigation into alleged “pretexting,” or obtaining personal phone records by false pretenses, as part of the Hewlett-Packard Co.’s board’s investigation of a leak, has already borne enough evidence of criminal wrongdoing to issue indictments.

In an interview today with The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, Mr. Lockyer said “we currently have sufficient evidence to indict people both within Hewlett-Packard as well as outside.” Mr. Lockyer also said in the interview: “Crimes have been committed. People’s identities were taken falsely, and it’s a crime. People accessed computer records that have personal information. That’s a crime.”

In response to the Lockyer comment, an H-P spokesman said the company continues to cooperate fully with California investigators.

The WSJ story covers a lot more ground on the status of the various investigations. It also covers the first information I’ve seen on (unofficial) comments from HP on the nexus between Dunn’s stepping down as chair and the imbroglio – the usual silly bafflegab about avoiding further distractions:

An H-P spokesman said Ms. Dunn resigned voluntarily from the chairman’s post to minimize distractions to the company from an imbroglio that has prompted a series of investigations by state and federal agencies.

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