Calacanis is at it Again

19 Jul ’06

Just a few days after the public launch of the his new Netscape gig, Jason Calacanis has offered to pay top Digg-ers and Reddit-ers for their time. And it’s earned him a driveby from Techcrunch and general speculation that he’s desperate. I suppose he could be; if the Netscape gig doesn’t pan out he’ll have to find something else to do, I suppose – like count the money under his bed from the sale of Weblogs.

Perhaps what I’m reading is just a vivid demonstration of the geek ‘loss of patience’ phenomenon I blogged earlier today, but so far, with the exception of this more sensible perspective from Richard MacManus, I’ve learned nothing other than it appears that Mike Arrington doesn’t like Jason Calacanis.

This strikes me as a pretty good idea. Pay bloggers; pay Diggers. What’s the difference?

Update: Scott Karp has just written a wildly sane piece explaining why Diggers are the wrong people for Jason to pay.

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