See Om Run

13 Jun ’06

Meeting Om Malik was one of the genuine pleasures of mesh. As Mark said in the intro to his mesh conversation with Om (podcast available soon), Om was the first person we approached, and he accepted the invite without hesitation. With Om on board, the rest was easy.

Now Om is (mostly) leaving Business 2.0 to do his own thing (and was scooped on his own story – what a shame). One story has him receiving “several hundred thousand dollars” in seed financing (by True Ventures, a new seed fund) to build Giga Om into even more of a destination than it is now.

Yet another sign that micropublishing is real, and that the traditional infrastructure requirements of mainstream media are going the way of the dodo. With blogging, podcasting and videocasting developing as fast as they are, everyone’s a journalist, and a bona fide publisher, too.

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