A Google Calendar?

24 Feb ’06

Hot on the heels of speculation about Google’s hosted email being the prequel to a challenge to MS Office, once again a Google Calendar project is the sasquatch of the online world, with rumoured sightings everywhere, including by Paul Kedrosky (now at least a part-time Google spotter).

Except … this is starting to look real. And, of course, as Mathew Ingram points out, it makes sense and the market wants it (and if the latest version of Google Desktop Search can share my search results across platforms, surely a shareable calendar can’t be far off?). Latest sign? calendar.google.com exists (though (for now?) it points to google.com) – first spotted in the wild by SexyNinjaMonkey here. (Yet another reason to expect the PDA google-sync app I recently predicted?).

Update: On a related Google – MS Office watch note, Matthew Gifford thinks Google Pages is a stealth word processor. The guys at Writely (which I use regularly now) can’t be too pleased to hear that.

Newest prediction: Scoble, just off his venting over the buzz Google received for hosted gmail, will be even more annoyed by this round of attention.

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Sexyninjamonkey April 16, 2006 at 01:50

Just thought i’d let you know. If you haven’t already seen it.
Google calendar has been finally released to the world (including gmail integration oh yeah).


SexyNinjaMonkey February 28, 2006 at 07:00

I think, that must be the first mention i’ve ever had in someone else’s post.


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