New Toronto Web 2.0 Conference

21 Feb ’06

I’m pleased to announce that in May we will be hosting a conference in Toronto to discuss Web 2.0 and its implications for media, communications, business and society. The “we” is Mathew Ingram, Mark Evans, Michael McDerment and yours truly, with the very considerable help of Stuart MacDonald.

We share a common fascination and enthusiasm for what’s happening now on the Web and in blogging, and are eager to find a way to showcase Toronto and bring smart, interested people here from elsewhere to join our community for what we hope will be a rousing and stimulating exploration of Web 2.0. Our mission is to provoke a discussion on what’s going on in Web 2.0 that will help us all to understand why it’s important to us as citizens, businesses and consumers. And we’re hoping you’ll join us – both by coming to the conference, and by giving us your ideas about what we ought to talk about and who we ought to have as speakers.

More info on locale and timing will come soon. But in the meantime please consider yourself invited to comment – here, on any of our blogs, or elsewhere – about this idea, and to give us any suggestions on how to make it an event you’d like to attend.

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