Enforcing the Video Ban in Canadian Theatres

4 Nov ’05

Declan has a post today reporting on the experiences of a patron at a screening of Derailed yesterday at the Paramount theatre in Toronto – in brief: get searched, check phone, get filmed and watched by security while in the theatre.

People who submitted to the search (everyone from what I could tell) had their cellphones taken from them and checked at a table set up in front of the theatre and they were given a ticket to reclaim it when they left.

To add further insult to the debacle at the gate, near the exits at stage right and left were two uniformed security guards at each door, all four with video cameras scanning the crowd and making themselves very conspicuous.

This was not just a bit of pre-show MPAA theatre, they stood there for the entirity of the movie, red LED’s glowing, scanning the crowd to remind us that we were under close surviellence and our actions were being recorded.

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