CRTC Invites Comments on Wireless Number Portability

16 Sep ’05

The CTRC is inviting comments on wireless number portability, including the implementation timeframe recently proposed by the industry trade group:

20. Other parties wishing to participate in this proceeding are required to notify the Commission of their intention to do so by 26 September 2005 (the registration date) and to provide their contact information. They are required to do so by contacting the Secretary General by mail at CRTC, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0N2, by fax at (819) 994-0218 or by e-mail at They are to indicate in the notice their e-mail address where available. If such parties do not have access to the Internet, they are to indicate in their notice whether they wish to receive disk versions of hard copy filings.

21. The Commission will issue, as soon as possible after the registration date, a complete list of parties and their mailing address (including their e-mail address, if available), identifying those parties who wish to receive disk versions.

22. All parties may file comments with the Commission on any matter within the scope of this proceeding by 6 October 2005, serving a copy on all parties by that date.

23. All parties may file replies to any comments made pursuant to paragraph 22 by 17 October 2005, serving a copy on all parties by that date.

24. The Commission will not formally acknowledge comments. It will, however, fully consider all comments and they will form part of the public record of the proceeding.

Via BigSnit.

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