Virgin and Geist on Wireless Number Portability

15 Sep ’05

Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Mobile has taken out a full page ad in the Globe (the same Globe that has so far steadfastly ignored this story – even the story of the full page ad) chastizing the industry for dragging its feet on wireless number portability – calling it “an absolute disgrace and completely unacceptable”.

(His JV partner, Bell Mobility, is no doubt fully supportive ;). Interestingly, the ad doesn’t expressly state that Branson is speaking on behalf of Virgin Mobile Canada – just “Virgin Mobile” and that he is the founder of Virgin Mobile Canada – creating the perhaps false impression that is speaking for VMC. If it were VMC’s statement, wouldn’t its CEO have at least co-signed the statement, and has he not because as CEO of the JV he can’t – or wouldn’t keep his job if he did?)

Michael Geist also comments on the industry’s embarrassingly slow timetable for WNP – read his post here.

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