Blogs and Wikis as Enterprise Collaboration Tools

31 Mar ’05

Infoworld has a great article on the use of blogs and wikis as collaborative content management systems for enterprises. Loads of examples of inward- and outward-looking implementations. Money quote:

“The more useful a wiki is to the enterprise, the more you need some sort of control over who can edit and add content,” Gilbane says. “You need to define the fine line between collaboration and a complete free-for-all or it can become a real mess. That said, we’ve had a difficult time finding a skeptic to include in our upcoming panel on enterprise use of wikis and blogs — everyone we speak to is very enthusiastic about the benefits of this technology.”

When I read articles like this I cannot help but think that we are on the edge of another extraordinary leap forward in our conceptualization of IT tools as means of pooling and leveraging knowledge and ability, and tapping into previously unimagined reserves of raw human potential.

And they bring me back to the very first post I wrote on this blog.

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