Staffing – Employees vs. Independent Contractors

30 Nov ’09

I’m often asked whether it’s better for the company to work with people as employees or as independent contractors (also called contractors or consultants – the differences are of style, not meaning). Consulting is common in the technology business in Canada, particularly during any recession, and as businesses staff up it’s an important question to ask.

Like most everything else, the answer is “it depends”. If you need occasional help, or a discrete task performed, using the services of an independent contractor can make a lot of sense – there’s no fussing with payroll, there are no employment benefits, existing teams are not disrupted, and there is often very little overhead involved. But the employment relationship is generally better suited for situations involving more permanence, and the law reflects this in a variety of ways. Here’s a summary, then, of legal considerations you should take into account when making this decision.

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