The Tories Spend $300M to Save a Parliament They Destroy For $30M

29 Nov ’08

I wrote a while ago that I was disgusted that the Tories had spent $300M on an election held for no reason – other than a vain and hopeless effort to secure a majority that Canadians do not trust them to wield responsibly. Well, we Canadians are pretty smart folk. The Tories pretended, of course, that the election was held simply to create a more effective Parliament, and in the wake of the worst of the recent financial crisis pretended to want to govern co-operatively. That was plainly a scam designed to inculpate the co-opted opposition in any Tory mismanagement of the economy. But now we have the cherry on top – $300M spent to save a Parliament that only weeks later is trashed for $30M. Don Martin calls it “an unforgivable breach of the trust voters bestowed on Mr. Harper”. I’ll just say it’s management ineptitude of remarkable proportions.

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