St. Stephen the Innocent

7 Sep ’08

My goodness. Harper tries to scare up some victim credibility with a claim that the opposition is going to attack him personally – this on the heels of his media campaign to portray himself as a vulnerable, tender, sweater-vest wearing (hey – I thought professors wore sweater-vests?), minivan-driving innocent (he *loves* kids, yay! Not like those tax-and-spend, gay marriage loving, wife-swapping, child-hating “elitist” liberals!). Then, because he doesn’t have the courage to make the attack himself, sends his weasel-in-chief out to launch a cowardly attack on Dion personally. It would be dastardly and corrupt, if it weren’t so damnably mediocre. I’ve seen enough of George Bush. I don’t really need to see the sequel here in Canada.

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