Strategy Building Session With Michael Geist – Tonight, Toronto, 7 pm

24 Jul ’08

A reminder of the strategy building session tonight for the Toronto Chapter of the Fair Copyright for Canada Facebook Group at the Edward Day Gallery at 7 pm. Based on early reports of interest, space is likely to be very limited – if you need a seat, please arrive early.

Come for the strategy, stay for the Appropos group exhibition:

The Appropos group exhibition is based on the work of artists whose use of imagery integrates existing popular culture products/icons. One of the purposes of the exhibition is to emphasize the crucial relevance of appropriation to contemporary visual artists and their studio practice. As revisions to Copyright Act legislation, known as the Act to Amend the Copyright Act, are currently underway by the Canadian government, there are valid concerns that the elements of contemporary artistic practice such as appropriation and “quoting” could potentially be outlawed by draconian legislation.

Also please note the Wiki, which has just been posted.

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