Rogers Pretends to Respond to Data Plan Controversy

9 Jul ’08

News today that Rogers is offering a 6GB plan for the iPhone and other 3G phones. So, no unlimited data plan for you – you’re still too stupid to make decisions for yourself! And the kicker – Rogers is saying that the plan is a “limited-time promotional” plan, available until August 31 only: “What we’re trying to do is satisfy a very small group of people, the early adopters,” he said. “When those customers are done, we’re back to our basic user.”

So, all early adopters that will ever be interested in the iPhone will have to buy by August 31. It’s a ridiculous idea, and an obvious attempt to turn a concession demanded by the market into a cudgel against its customers – not only can you not have an unlimited plan, but you can’t buy at your leisure – for example, waiting a few months to see if users reports overcharge horror stories from Rogers’ miserly plans. You have to “buy now!!!, this offer is **limited**”. What nonsense. If the plan is a bona fide effort to respond to a recognized customer need in a responsible manner, it should not be time limited.

Not only am I not going to bother with the iPhone, I’m actively exploring replacements for every service I now buy from Rogers. I want a service provider I can trust to do the right thing.

Update: From the Globe – everything is AOK and you should buy, buy, buy!! is there something in MSM water that suppresses the skepticism gene?

Updater: if you have good suggestions for economical and effective GSM mobile phone and email (device and plan) please feel free to leave a comment. I’m in the market, termination fees be damned.

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