Prentice Runs and Hides from CBC Questions Over CanDMCA Bill

19 Jun ’08

Opposition to Bill C-61 is steadily mounting – Michael has details on an Angus Reid poll here, and on newspaper editorials, Facebook group membership growth and other indicators here. Prentice’s response? To run and hide under the covers – presumably to hide out until some deputy-of-whatnot can rescue him.

There are no pitchforks and torches after him – only legitimate questions about the content of his Bill and the process by which he produced it. But still, the man seems unable to fairly and squarely deal with questions raised by citizens and is developing a habit of running away when the going gets tough. I’m not sure what’s more shocking – the seeming cowardice of running away from Canadians’ questions, or of surrendering to the lobbyists who wanted the Bill he gave them. Mr. Prentice is seriously underestimating the power of this file to damage his Government.

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