So long, and thanks for all the fun

23 May ’08

mesh08 and meshU are now in the can. We’ll all have more thoughts on this year soon, but for now, while I’m still catching up on sleep, I wanted to write a short note with a high-five to a few people who worked especially hard to give us this remarkable experience.

Sheri Moore of MCC Planners, our event manager, is a genius at managing complexity with grace and a smile. In the three years Sheri’s worked with us she’s become a trusted member of the team. I shudder to think what mesh would be like without her. And the team of staff and volunteers she managed worked round-the-clock with her to help produce mesh.

The people at Edelman who work with us are absolutely first-class. Rob Manne and Megan Hooper and the rest of their team have worked constantly – for months – to help us make mesh happen. They’ve had our back, and they made mesh a much better event than we could have on our own.

The folks at mDialog and our good friend Mark McKay (winner of the mesh07 video contest) worked endless hours on site to produce meshTV – they were everywhere at meshU and mesh08 with cameras in hand, talking to guests and speakers, editing video and getting it online. And they did a fantastic job.

Finally, we had an amazing roster of speakers this year. And many of them travelled long distances, and stayed with us for days, all the while managing stuff at work and home at a distance so they could be with us and help us make mesh08 happen.

All these folks showed up, took names and kicked butt. We had a blast working with them, and feel very fortunate to have them on the team. Thanks everyone!

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