(Un)Fair Copyright

2 Dec ’07

With the launch of the Government’s lobbying campaign in favour of disastrous US-style DMCA copyright legislation here in Canada just around the corner, Michael has started a Facebook group on fair copyright. Join and stay plugged-in to developments on this critical issue. From the group’s description:

The Canadian government is about to introduce new copyright legislation that will be a complete sell-out to U.S. government and lobbyist demands. The industry may be abandoning DRM, the evidence may show a correlation between file sharing and music purchasing, Statistics Canada may say that music industry profits are doing fine, Canadian musicians, filmmakers, and artists may warn against this copyright approach, and the reality may be that Canadian copyright law is stronger in some areas than U.S. law, yet none of that seems to matter.

The new Canadian legislation will likely mirror the DMCA with strong anti-circumvention legislation – far beyond what is needed to comply with the WIPO Internet treaties – and address none of the issues that concern millions of Canadians. The Conservatives promise to eliminate the private copying levy will likely be abandoned. There will be no flexible fair dealing. No parody exception. No time shifting exception. No device shifting exception. No expanded backup provision. Nothing.

Instead, the government will seemingly choose locks over learning, property over privacy, enforcement over education, (law)suits over security, lobbyists over librarians, and U.S. policy over a “Canadian-made” solution.

This group is about doing something about ensuring that the government hears from concerned Canadians. It will feature news about developments on the bill, tips on making the public’s voice heard, updates on local events, and provide a central spot for people to learn more about copyright reform.

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