The End of the Internet Draws Near, Part MCMLXVII

25 Nov ’07

Remember that Nemertes Research Group report of a week or two ago that forecasted clogged pipes and a glacially slow internet? You know, the one that was tarted up for the mass media – the media that one would expect to be particularly gullible? The one that Mike Masnick flicked aside (“Death Of The Internet Greatly Exaggerated (By Those Who Stand To Benefit)”) in Techdirt’s Check-the-biases department? The one that Broadband Reports exposed (“The Internet Ends in 2010, Unless you give AT&T what they want”) as industry lobby group self-interest promo? The one that, oddly enough, surfaced around the same time as a resurgence of interest in net neutrality? Well, what in the name of Sam Hill is an august geek rag like PC World doing effectively reprinting the press release?

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