Your Leopard is Eating My Self-Esteem

15 Nov ’07

An anthropologist would have a field day with the comments on my post yesterday (66 comments at the time of writing – that is freaky) about the problems I’ve had with installing Leopard. What’s been particularly striking is a) how many people seem to need to believe that I’m making stuff up (to generate traffic, I suppose – a claim that would be laughable to my regular readers), b) how many people seem to need to believe that Leopard is perfect, or at least needs to have its honour defended, c) how people will ignore perfectly rational explanations and obvious conclusions of fact in order to defend Apple, and (presumably) the choices they’ve made, and d) how people will abandon common sense and civility in order to present themselves (seemingly at almost all costs) as the alpha Apple fan in the crowd. It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that some folks have too much of their self-esteem tied up in their choice to use a Mac. In one sense, it’s a miracle of branding, and another remarkable accomplishment by Apple. But in another, yet another troubling insight into the Web.

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