Firefox is Back for the Mac

15 Nov ’07

One of my favourite Windows experiences was using Firefox. What a superb product. When I switched to the Mac, I noticed right away that Apple’s browser Safari was far, far faster on the Mac than Firefox. The speed issues were obvious both on launching the app and in general use. So, with much regret, I switched over to Safari. Safari’s a great browser, and nicely tied into the OS, but I really liked the extensibility of Firefox.

I’ve just returned to Firefox to see what’s happened in the intervening months and it’s a pleasure to see how much faster it now is on the Mac – now fast enough to use as my default browser. Apple says Safari is faster, and that may be the case, but the difference has shrunk and doesn’t seem important to me now. And Firefox really is just a superb app. This won’t be news to anyone, I expect – I’d just like to give credit for the results of a lot of hard work.

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