“Cookie tracking: How Facebook could be worth $100 billion?”

30 Oct ’07

More wide-eyed linkbait nonsense about Facebook valuation. Facebook is the Lindsay Lohan of Web 2.0.

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Eric October 30, 2007 at 18:25

I, and many others, have questioned the valuation but have recognized that Facebook could use its data to offer more targeted advertising.

The point of the article is that cookie tracking could be one way Facebook generates significant revenue. I was inquiring into what this would mean. That’s why I talked with someone at BlueLithium.

Maybe I would have made you happier if I had phrased the headline: “Cookie tracking: How could Facebook be worth $100 billion?” ;)


Rob Hyndman October 30, 2007 at 15:29

It’s never entirely pointless, is it Eric – there’s always at least a pretense, isn’t there? I’m not saying there wasn’t a pretense. The question mark in the title, for example – that struck me as nice cover, but not much more. It’s really a question of branding – does one just regurgitate (with cover, obviously) nonsensical statements because they’ll attract the gawkers, or does one, you know, inquire?


Mathew Ingram October 30, 2007 at 13:33

True — but he got you to link :-)


Eric Eldon October 30, 2007 at 13:13

I didn’t mean for it to be link bait, if you define link bait as pointless headlines designed to attract attention. A couple people who are optimistic about Facebook discovered a way that Facebook may make some serious money from the advertising. I pointed to those people and discussed what it all could mean.


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