Why Isn’t the ‘Sphere Covering the Facebook Lawsuit?

17 Jul ’07

This one has me a little perplexed. A few days after the latest round of coverage on UConnect’s lawsuit against Facebook appears, the ‘sphere finally notices – long enough to be momentarily distracted from the latest round of twitterings over how much Facebook is worth today – but not long enough to actually do any journalism – or any in-depth writing, for that matter – on the story.

The ‘sphere spends a lot of time talking about whether bloggers are journalists, and a lot of time talking about the (short, so far) life and death of citizen journalism ventures, and a heck of a lot of time promoting the idea that the ‘sphere is a potent new form of media, but this really has me wondering – apart from writing up summaries of new companies, competing to be the first to market with the latest leaked news of a financing or a sale, and the fanboy posts, where is the journalism? In the poli-‘sphere, outfits like TPM and others are having a profound effect on political journalism – from original reporting to extraordinarily smart opinion (and everything else under the sun, too). Why not the tech-‘sphere, too?

Surely, if it’s worth talking about what Facebook is worth, it’s worth talking about what it might not be worth. And lawsuits like the RIM-NTP litigation are a pretty good reminder of how expensive IP ownership / infringement litigation can be, especially if not settled early. So, who’s after the real story? Anyone?

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