On Lawyer Dissatisfaction

17 Jul ’07

From Sathnam Sanghera of the Times, the single best explanation of lawyer dissatisfaction I’ve ever read. Why are so many lawyers so damned miserable? Gist:

  • the dehumanising hours
  • the yawning gap between their intelligence and the mind-numbing nature of their work
  • the yawning gap between the ideals of those entering the profession and the reality
  • the cumulatively lowering nature of the work
  • the vortex of hatred that envelops them entirely
  • the self-inflicted nature of their suffering

The piece is well worth the read, not least for Sanghera’s deft pen.

I couldn’t begin to count the number of lawyers I’ve met since I began practice who were utterly miserable in their work. For many, Sanghera’s piece would no doubt resonate. More coverage at the WSJ Law Blog.

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