Steyn on Black

14 Jul ’07

Mark Steyn assesses the verdict, noting that Black was convicted:

in just two narrow areas – “obstruction of justice” re the security camera footage of him removing boxes from 10 Toronto Street, and three “mail fraud” counts relating to the APC non-compete agreement, in which (as the government argued) Black and Radler paid Black and Radler not to compete with Black and Radler. As I argued here and here, those were always the easiest charges to shoot for if you wanted to convict on something. It speaks very poorly for Black’s legal representation that the best argument against the APC charges was made by David Radler and the best argument against the obstruction count was made to me over a cup of tea by Barbara Amiel.

I haven’t been following the case at all, but I was initially baffled by Steyn’s reference that Black’s team had already sent the documents in the removed boxes to the SEC. More on that count and Steyn’s analysis of it here (and on the APC non-compete, here).

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