Sorry, this video cannot be played on a Macintosh

29 Jun ’07

The Globe’s online video offerings are expanding – this is a Very Good Thing, and wil accelerate as technology continues to break down the reasons for silo’d media formats. Other examples of this are legion, of course, but SlateV, Slate’s push into video, has been front of mind for me, partly because I love their podcasts so much and because Andy Bowers, who launched their podcasts, is running the SlateV effort (alas, the initial effort is something of a disappointment, but that’s another post, and at least I can watch it on my Mac). But back to the Globe – expanding video efforts are laudable, but not for Mac users, apparently. My efforts to watch are met by a message that these days seems positivly quaint: “Sorry, this video cannot be played on a Macintosh.” Hmmm. I really am running out of reasons to view the Globe.

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