Throw Your Lawyer From the Train

26 Jun ’07

Lately I’ve heard a succession of stories from startups about bad lawyering. Not ‘bad’ in a “bad, dog – bad!” sense, but bad in a very real sense – unresponsiveness, overcharging and the whole range of stupid human tricks played by negligent, dishonest or incompetent service providers. And this morning I noticed that Marc Andreessen is asking for true stories of nepotism gone wrong: “Please send me true stories of nepotism gone wrong in a company — startup or big company. Names are not important. Will be used with all identifying information stripped out in an upcoming post.”

So send me (to rob.hyndman (AT) gmail (DOT) com) your stories of lawyers gone wrong, ideally in a startup context. Names are not important. And if I get enough “material”, I’ll use the info (with all identifying information stripped out) in an upcoming post, provisionally titled “When Lawyers Kill!”.

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