Mike Masnick at mesh07

1 Jun ’07

One of the highlights for me at mesh was to be sitting in on the “Monetizing the Long Tail – Life Beyond AdSense” panel that Mike Masnick was involved in – I’m a big fan of what Mike’s done at Techdirt, and follow his work pretty carefully. After getting him up here, I had to miss the panel – Albert and I had our own presentation at the same time – but I did get a chance to talk to Mike at length during mesh. And once again, I had another amazing mesh speaker moment: Mike Masnick is a great guy. Down to earth, sensible (you knew that from his writing already), funny, ridiculously smart and a great business guy. Keep this in mind as you read him – Mike’s a great observer of what’s happening in tech not just because he follows it so carefully and has for quite a while, but also because he’s living the life himself with Techdirt and has his own personal experience to draw on. One of my favourite mesh moments – pulling a startup client into a conversation with Mike about his own experiences launching and growing Techdirt.

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