Don Imus Show and CBS Radio’s Moral Compass

12 Apr ’07

It is at the very least bizarre that anyone in the media business is surprised by the latest Imus outburst – he has if anything displayed an eager recidivism when it comes to being offensive, but it’s just plain weird that CBS Radio feels it needs to continue to “monitor the situation” before it decides whether to make its two week suspension permanent. And wait for what, exactly? To figure out how much sponsor money it will lose if it doesn’t fire Imus, obviously. The issue for CBS Radio isn’t principle – it seems pretty clear now it has none – and it isn’t the difference between right and wrong – these distinctions don’t seem to concern it. It’s cash. Again, not a surprise, but it’s rare that we have these moments when the mainstream media declares its priorities so clearly and so free of pretense. Last point – how is it that noted blogger Harry Shearer is the lone voice asking whether Imus’s suspension is even unpaid?

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