One Sane Voice on the Kathy Sierra Problem

29 Mar ’07

Now that the Techmeme pile-on over the Kathy Sierra problem is over, I’ll mention that Loren Feldman has one of the few sensible reactions to the Kathy Sierra problem that I’ve heard (honestly, a code of conduct?), and inexplicably is one of the only tech bloggers to mention Michelle Malkin’s post on the subject.

Why, for example – instead of all of the endless talk – why hasn’t someone put together a team of smart geeks to act as a SWAT team to sniff out and publicly expose the anonymous cranks, loons and whackjobs who make life so miserable for so many on the ‘net? Why the endless anguished nattering about the importance of keeping an open dialogue by not banning commenters, instead of just ruthlessly banning anyone who interferes with life in the community? IMO, this is an easily solved problem – or would be, for people who genuinely cared enough to act.

Update: A good example surfaces today – Jeff Nolan shuts down comments on a post critical of 911 Truthers, to prevent the distraction from loons and nutjobs. Darn right.

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