Web 2.0: Waiting for the Next Wave

20 Mar ’07

Peter Rip calls Last Call on Web 2.0 today; one of many we’ve seen in recent months. Mark sez we’ve only picked the low-hanging fruit and Kedrosky realizes he’s been happily ignoring Web 2.0. At mesh we got tired of Web 2.0 ages ago, and as far as I’m concerned it’s well past time to stick a fork in it. I doubt it will happen until someone coins a marketable phrase for whatever comes next, though.

Peter’s certainly right to comment on the lack of true innovation these days, but of course that’s exactly what you’d expect to see happening now: the commoditization of the technological leaps that created the current wave. It’s what always happens, yes? Wave begins with Breakthrough; Breakthrough gets implemented in myriad ways, none of which is particularly innovative on its own, but all of which would have been inconceivable before the Breakthrough (and all of which seem progressively less creative as wave continues); and as wave nears end, surfers look for next wave.

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