Viacom v. YouTube – the Rearview Mirror

14 Mar ’07

It’s more than a little amusing to see the backtracking – or reinvention, more accurately – in the ‘tropolis that’s happened since the lawsuit was announced. From “they would never …” to “it was always inevitable”, and so forth, and the usual sneering, mockery and name-calling. Is being right or having the ‘popular’ opinion really more important than having an honestly-held point of view? This is the real currency of ‘tropolis cred, perhaps. (Cripes, are we really that shallow?) What I’d like to know now is where have all the slam-dunk legal opinions on YouTube’s so-called immunity gone? Denise summarizes the prevailing view now in some of the reported comments, and (predictably, now that it matters) the only folks now pleading a slam-dunk work for Google.

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