If Google Lost My Data

23 Feb ’07

Larry Dignan says that if Google Office loses data, there’s be no downside for them – because it’s at best a side venture for Google. This as part of a discussion over whether people will take to the idea of their data online. I just don’t think that’s right. I think that if Google Office starts toasting data, it will be widely known in a heartbeat, and no one who cares about their data – so, the entire business market Google is trying to reach with the ‘side venture’ – will drop it like a hot potato. The venture, side or not, will be incinerated until Google makes amends and wins back trust. This is not the same as Gmail hiccups – this is an out-of-beta paying gig (all joking aside).

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Rob Hyndman February 23, 2007 at 08:27

Eminently sensible, I’d say, David.


David Canton February 23, 2007 at 08:10

The possible loss (either temporary or permanent) of ones data is a subject that has concerned me for a long time. As compelling as a lot of the hosted services are (whether you call it Web 2.0, ASP, service provider, outsourcer, apps on tap…) it makes me nervous that someone else holds my data, especially if it is a critical business application.

At the very least, people should make sure that the service they use allows a local back-up, and that they do indeed back it up regularly. (Users should ask – a lot of services do provide for that.)

It also makes me nervous that someone else has my sensitive info, and is in control of the security/privacy aspects of it.

So does that make me a rational, cautious person with a view to minimizing risk, or am I just paranoid?


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