Ode to a Cartel

14 Feb ’07

What else to say about Barrie McKenna’s “from your PR playbook to my column” ode to US media cartels than if this is what the MSM does for us, can I please have what comes next?

McKenna’s credulous piece is written in such stark “the end is nigh” terms that the more timorous among us will be soon be diving under their beds and shaking in their boots. It also contains exactly no context or contrary points of view even though they are legion (extraordinary fact: only this week our Justice Minister rejected calls for a camcording law, and McKenna’s piece, while making a case for such a law, mentions that fact, and the cartel’s recent lobbying campaign to get such a law, exactly never).

Michael will make quick work of it, but the access to the public that this kind of nonsense gets is very frustrating. And this is strike two for the Globe on distinguishing copy-fact from copy-fiction on this story. First Gayle MacDonald, now Barrie McKenna – who’s next? Update: Cue Michael, with a post that puts McKenna’s work in its place. Update2: Mathew adds some context.

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