Much More Mendacity from the Tories on Net Neutrality

14 Feb ’07

Michael’s latest focuses on net neutrality, and in particular on Tory efforts to pretend that they take the issue seriously and are even-handedly developing policy. What got my attention was one little nugget that goes into my Hall of Shame; the latest entry on the list of the (really, rather dismayingly creative) capacity that politicos have for disguising their mendacity and twisting reality into pretzels to avoid taking responsibility for their decisions:

I conclude by noting that after reports of the internal government position on net neutrality leaked out, Bloc MP Paul Crête raised the issue last Wednesday in the House of Commons, asking [Tory Industry Minister] Bernier to commit to the principle of net neutrality. Bernier declined to do so, instead citing a recent Ipsos-Reid public opinion poll that he said demonstrated that 75 percent of Quebec residents support his plans for telecom reform. In addition to mistaking polls for policies, Bernier did not mention that only 14 percent of respondents were even aware of the government’s telecom policy changes and that the survey made no mention of Internet access issues. More tellingly, he also neglected to reveal that it was Bell Canada that commissioned the survey.

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