Apple’s Artistry and the Zeitgeist

16 Jan ’07

Momus’ column in Wired is one of the more interesting pieces I’ve read on the Macworld keynote. On one hand it’s commentary on Apple’s ability to go deep with its branding, and an acknowledgement of the accomplishment this represents for Steve Jobs. It’s been said before, but this is limbic branding (hmmm – but only 216 google hits, and most of those are about Gruppe Nymphenburg); marketing that reaches deep into the Zeitgeist, and this is a rare feat.

But there is also more here. I think I understand the impression this made on Momus. I was in awe of John Travolta during Get Shorty, was dazzled by Damien Rice when I first heard “O” and was deeply moved by Peter Jackson, Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh’s writing in Lord of the Rings. Seeing an artist in the full flight of their creativity can be very powerful. How wonderful also to admire and draw inspiration from the accomplishments of a fellow traveller.

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