Yet Another Rave Review for OSX

7 Jan ’07

It’s not a surprise to see YARRFO (yet another rave review for OSX), though it is unexpected in the pages of Information Week. It’s a great way to start a flame war, but from my perspective IW is just telling it like it is. As I never get tired of saying, I switched a few months ago after (what seemed like) several lifetimes on Windows. The turning point for me came when I decided it was finally time to get the OS to work for me, rather than vice versa. I suppose I had just gotten tired of working for Bill Gates. And the result has been a dramatic reduction in the time I need to spend to keep our systems running.

Well done, Apple.

My latest OSX discovery is the new Mac Mini plugged into the family room TV, and how well Front Row works as an interface for home entertainment. It’s a joy to use, and funny thing – it works. After weeks of frustrating and ultimately unsuccessful efforts to get my XP box to display properly on a high-def screen, OSX and the Mini worked right out of the box. And Front Row is a delightfully elegant way to interact with our media.

Well done, indeed.

Update: Larry seems to be on the same page.

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